Minibar Supplier for Hotel Rooms & Cruise Ships

Top UK minibar supplier from top brands including Indel B and Smeg.

Indel B provides premium minibars designed for hotels, the furnishing industry, and cruise ships, featuring two advanced refrigeration systems: compressor and thermoelectric. Enhance your guests’ experience with reliable minibars that ensure comfort after a long day at the beach, in the mountains, or after a busy workday. These low-consumption minibars deliver exceptional reliability and maintain the perfect temperature for drinks and snacks, guaranteeing satisfaction and convenience for your guests. Upgrade your hospitality services with Indel B’s state-of-the-art minibars.

Available in 30- and 40-litre versions, built-in and free-standing, Smeg professional minibars satisfy all functional and aesthetic needs. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by the minibar cooling process, designed to be totally silent. Excellent insulation and internal temperature control keeps power consumption at minimum levels, ensuring low operating costs and utmost respect for the environment.

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