We never compromise on product quality

We think carefully about the design and formulation of all our toiletry ranges to ensure a perfect fit with the client’s own brand image and values. All our cosmetic products are produced in the EU and comply fully with cosmetic product safety regulations.

Our clients regularly comment on the high quality of our products. We frequently hear from hotel guests who have used our products and want to know where they can purchase them.

We work closely with manufacturers worldwide to create a complete range of hotel equipment. We know that these products must not only look stylish and perform well but also must be robust (“guest proof”) and give long service life.

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Our Services

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Customer service

We are easy to do business with and we pay attention to detail. Our clients value the quality and consistency of the service they receive. We welcome feedback from our clients as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

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We can respond flexibly to your needs. We are able to deliver promptly ex-stock to most UK locations and have a proven record of meeting challenging delivery times. We specialise in phasing deliveries for construction and refurbishment projects so the products are on site when you need them.

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Account management

Every client is assigned a local account manager who manages every aspect of the business relationship. Our account managers are located throughout the UK and Ireland and are fully supported by the head office team.

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Our clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients including hotels (ranging from international chains to individual niche hotels), cruise lines, conference centres, hospitals and universities. These relationships and this breadth of experience help us to anticipate the future needs of our clients and their guests.

Our History

We have over 40 years’ experience of serving the hospitality industry. Our expertise and understanding of the market continues to grow.


Aslotel started from a single product idea in 1978. We were instrumental in securing a change to the UK electrical regulations which, for the first time, allowed wall mounted hairdryers to be installed in a bathroom. The product was quickly adopted by major UK hotel groups and established Aslotel’s reputation for innovation.


Recognising the growing needs of the hospitality market, the company created a diverse portfolio of hotel equipment products to meet them thus helping hotels to enhance their guest experience.


In 1983 Aslotel diversified into guest toiletries and sales grew rapidly as hotels recognised how high quality toiletries and accessories could further enhance the guest experience.


In 1988 Aslotel became a founder member of Groupe GM (Paris). Today Groupe GM is a world renowned creator of exceptional guest toiletries and through this exclusive partnership we are able to offer our clients in the UK and Ireland an impressive choice of globally recognised brands.


Since then we have continued to expand and adapt our range of products to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving hospitality industry and the ever increasing challenges for the environment.

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