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Aslotel is a leading supplier of guest toiletries and equipment for the hotel bedroom and bathroom throughout Ireland and overseas.

We are a privately owned company established in 1978. With over 40 years’ experience serving the hospitality industry we are specialists in creating and designing original guest toiletries and accessories.

We offer our clients the most select and extensive choice of quality products for hotel bedrooms and bathrooms. We understand that the quality of products presented in the room says much about how a hotel values its guests.

We work closely with a wide range of clients including hotels, from international chains to individual niche hotels, cruise lines, conference centres, hospitals and universities. These relationships and this breadth of experience helps us anticipate the future needs of our clients and their guests.

Creating and sourcing innovative products from around the world, we always pay particular attention to both the design, performance and safety of every product we offer.

Featured Products

Bedroom Equipment

Bathroom Equipment

Room Service Equipment

Housekeeping Trolleys



Lobby Equipment


Hotel Equipment

We work closely with manufacturers all over the world to create a complete range of equipment items for hotel bedrooms and bathroom as well as for front of house, public areas and housekeeping. Our products not only look good, they also perform well and are robust enough to give a long service life. We are trusted by many world renowned brands to be their representatives in the Ireland.

Toiletries & Accessories

As members of Groupe GM (Paris) we are able to supply Irish hotels with an extensive range of prestigious toiletry brands produced exclusively in the EU. In addition to luxury, spa and skin care lines we also offer both natural and organic formulations as well as Ecolabel certified products to help our clients achieve their environmental goals.

We are committed to developing our products in a way that reduces their impact on the environment

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Our Aim

Our aim is simple, to offer excellent service to every client. We are easy to do business with and we pay attention to detail. Our clients tell us they appreciate this ethos.

We very much look forward to working with you.

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