Guest Care

Our selection of essential items: 

  • Aslotel 55cm x 40cm plastic disposable laundry bag with drawstring
  • Aslotel plastic newspaper bag 
  • Aslotel plastic ‘do not disturb/please service room’ sign
  • Aslotel translucent vanity kit sachet
  • Aslotel 3ply tissues in poly bag 2 pack 55 x 110mm
  • Aslotel 2 ply tissues white cube box 70’s
  • Aslotel professional tissues white flat box 100’s
  • Aslotel transparent shoehorn
  • Aslotel wooden shoehorn
  • Aslotel soap dish
  • Aslotel single clear vinyl storage zip bag
  • Aslotel kingsize clear vinyl storage zip bag
  • Bienvenue paper coaster 3ply




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