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Ecosource Airless Dispenser

An environmentally friendly, hygienic and cost effective dispenser with 98% usable content. Ecosource Airless Dispenser is a closed system that is bacteria proof, easy to clean and no drips - so no wastage and no mess to clean up.

Ecosource Airless Dispenser has achieved the highest environmental credentials for its innovative environmentally friendly and ecological system

  •  Ecolabel
  •  Nordic Swan
  •  ISO 140001 (made in Sweden)

A controlled measure of 2.1ml of liquid ensures value for money. The dispenser holder is made from recyclable ABS and can be personalised in any design of your choice. 

Ecosource Airless Dispenser is a closed system which means that it is air bacteria proof, it is available as a single (123 x 55 x 210mm) unit and has an anti-theft system.

And the best bit? There is only 11g of environmentally friendly waste.

Available for the following brands:

Damana Earth & Sun
Pascal Morabito
Scandinavian White

And as a generic specific product.

Consumption established over a one month period in three Lisbon hotels - equivalent to 70,000 overnight stays and 122,000 guests - demonstrated an average use of about 12ml of Ecosource cosmetic products per room whereas the average for a classic style dispenser is 35ml. This saving is due to the innovative concept of the Ecosource Airless Dispenser which does not allow emptying of the pouch in excess of 98% but also helps control the amount of liquid dispensed per cycle.




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