Luxury Hotel Toiletries and Guest Amenities

An impressive brand of hotel toiletries with an excellent and safe selection of products is the perfect way to welcome guests – it tells them you care about the range of products you have selected for them.

All our products are sourced within the EU and are made using natural ingredients. Our captivating brands feature the worlds of fashion, spa, high-end retail and perfume plus organic lines. Our environmentally friendly range includes EU Ecolabel approved Ecosource airless dispensers that are in a class of their own. The packaging of our hotel toiletries is made from a variety of materials such as recycled paper or stone paper and, through our manufacturing partners, we are developing natural additives that will help with the acceleration of decomposition and biodegradability of the chemical structures found in plastics as we believe in maintaining the natural balance of our planet.

 Aslotel leads the way with its choice of hotel toiletries that are brought to you in skillfully and highly creative designs that reflect the quality of its products.


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