Not just a hairdryer.........

Tuesday, 08th February 2011

The Sunbeam Ionic Hairdryer

Not just a hairdryer........................

During Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ programme on Friday 4 February 2011 Jane Severn of Best Western Hotels was asked about hairdryers in hotels.

Some of the comments that had been received by the travelling public were along the lines of ‘nice room but shame about the hairdryer’ and ‘they had a hairdryer in a drawer but the lead was too short’ and ‘why does the hairdryer never stay on’? Jane was able to answer all of their concerns however we would also like to add our own comments to this debate.

For example, when Aslotel designs a hairdryer we take into account certain important criteria.

– this is a fundamental because it must be in direct proximity to an adequate mirror.

Functionality – it must be able to perform all the important functions that a retail hairdryer would in the home or salon.

Safety – hotel hairdryers tend to have more powerful motors and this is because they live in an environment where they will be used more regularly.

Power – the ability of the guest to control heat and speed settings and have an available cold shot setting is important when drying and styling hair and setting the style.

– there is no reason why a hotel hairdryer should not look as good as one available from high street retailers. In many ways, hotel hairdryers can look and perform better. Taking into account the surroundings hairdryers tend to be chrome, silver/black or black for hotel bedrooms.

Bathroom hairdryers
– it was suggested that hairdryers had a safety button because if they were installed above a washbasin they would switch off when dropped. Unfortunately the safety button is a misconception in this country as hairdryers have never been allowed into a bathroom permanently wired-in or otherwise.

Bathroom hairdryers have to correspond to different safety criteria in that in this country the IEE wiring regulations more or less preclude the installation of a pistol grip style hairdryer. They may not be installed due to the proximity of live parts to water in the bath and/or shower. For this reason in the UK and ROI the installation of permanently wired-in hairdryers with flexible hoses and no electrical parts in the air outlet were adopted.

In cases where it was asserted that the power of the air was inadequate it could be a combination of things but primarily it could be that they have come to the end of their useful life. Unfortunately or fortunately bathroom hairdryers which have been around for 25 years and are still working in certain circumstances should have been replaced by their more powerful higher wattage successors.

It is not acceptable to provide inadequate and cheap hairdryers as guests notice these cost cutting measures which takes us back to the subject of ‘You and Yours’.

Just like cheap and nasty toiletries it says a lot about the hotel and can be very counterproductive in trying to delight guests and get them to return.

Aslotel makes every effort to supply products that will delight guests - after all Aslotel was the first company to introduce hairdryers into every hotel bedroom and/or bathroom.

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