Environmental Accreditation

Aslotel is now rated by the CIPS Sustainability Index.The CIPS Sustainability Index is a collaboration between the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS), the University of West England and PRGX Global Inc. It was developed to create a common cross-industry standard for the exchange of sustainability information between buyers and suppliers. Suppliers are required to provide information on the three pillars of sustainability being Economic, Environmental and Social. Supplier submissions are evaluated and audited to create an index rating which acts as an independent, consistent and benchmarked assessment available to buyers. Buyers can access supplier data by setting up an account with the CIPS Sustainability Index at https://cips-sustainabilityindex.com 

  Green Tourism

We are accepted by the Green Tourism Business Scheme as a supplier of environmental products. Our Scandinavian White, Ecolabel certified, range including the Ecosource Airless Dispenser System, are examples of our products that have been accepted by the Green Tourism Business Scheme for promotion to its members. These ranges are viewed positively by environmental auditors.

  Green Achiever Self Assessed


In recognition of our work to create ever more environmentally efficient products and processes we are recognised by the Green Tourism Business Scheme and we are registered as a Green Achiever.

     Considerate Suppliers


The Considerate Hoteliers Association (CHA) was one of the first hotel associations worldwide to impart the message that cares for the environment and social responsibility should form a major part of a responsible hotelier's agenda. We are proud to be members of the CHA and to sponsor a new award we created especially for housekeepers entitled ‘The Considerate Housekeeping Team of the Year’.

Green products

Evaluating a product’s true environmental credentials can be confusing. One product may be defined as “green” whilst another as “environmentally friendly” or “organic”. In truth, many environmental claims don’t stand up to close scrutiny. Only products that have been independently certified by the appropriate authority can claim to be genuinely natural / organic or environmentally friendly. Environmental products within our ranges are properly certified.

Environmental certification

EU Ecolabel

Awarded to products with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal. 

The award criteria take into consideration the product's environmental impact on air, water, ground and health. These criteria are particularly concerned with:

  • preventing water pollution
  • minimising waste production
  • reducing or preventing environmental risks associated with hazardous substances.

The European Ecolabel is the ecological label for the European Union. It denotes a unique certification system designed to help consumers recognise the most environmentally friendly products and services.

Nordic Ecolabel (Swan)


This accreditation is for products which have fulfilled stringent environmental and climate criteria. To receive this certification, these products have been evaluated by independent laboratories.

The aim of this label is to promote sustainable and responsible consumption habits and production methods.

Nordic Ecolabel assesses the impact that a product has on the environment right throughout its life cycle. The label endeavours to minimise negative effects on the climate and guarantees a reduction in emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases.

Organic certification



For a cosmetic to be classified as organic, it must comply with an exact set of specifications drawn up by a recognised inspection and certification body that then guarantees the cosmetic to be genuinely natural, ecological and organic. The Ecocert accreditation process assesses the following criteria:

  • the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources and processed using environmentally friendly procedures.
  • packaging biodegradability and recyclability.
  • annual audits of all product manufacturing and packaging sites, in order to guarantee traceability and environmental compliance throughout the industry.
  • product labelling.
  • products must contain minimum levels of natural ingredients and organically farmed ingredients in order to obtain certification.



Certification that organic cosmetics containing at least 95% of natural ingredients, ingredients of natural origin or stemming from organic farming.

Cosmebio is the French professional association for ecological and organic cosmetics, which brings together all industry players (suppliers of raw materials and ingredients, contract manufacturers, cosmetic laboratories and distributors).

Factory certification

Products certified Ecolabel or Ecocert can only be produced by factories that have been independently certified. Our factories are approved and certified by AFNOR (Ecolabel) and Ecocert. The factories are audited regularly by these organisations to ensure that they continue to meet the stringent criteria required to maintain their certification.

Our factories are accredited ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22716.

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