Ecohotel - environmentally friendly products

Aslotel has always been known for its innovation and trend creation which we will continue to build on for the future, that is why we have introduced Ecohotel - our blend of eco-friendly products.

Through our factories in Europe, we are able to produce hotel toiletries that respond to today's need for transparency in information. EcoSource Airless Dispenser with Nordic and European Ecolabel certification is the first toiletries dispenser guaranteeing formulations without preservatives. It is kinder to the environment and the budget, the economics speak for themselves. With a controlled dosage it offers 25% more usable content than most other products. E-cloth Professional microfibre cloth cleans 99.9% bacteria with only water - no chemicals required, helping to keep the environment chemical free and saving money too. The Compressor range of absorption minibars from Indel B are silent running and provide low energy consumption, guests will sleep easily with no sound from the minibar to disturb them.

We avoid making bold claims that cannot be substantiated by fact - we also consider it to be questionable under EU cosmetic regulations to refill dispensers - with particular reference to batch traceability. We also do not consider any product that is destined for landfill as environmentally friendly.

Ecohotel - Action through Innovation


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